Thursday, May 14, 2009

Confessions from a Stay-At-Mom- Mommy!

First, let me prefaces this post by saying that I know that I am BLESSED far greater that one person should be or deserve. God has graced my life with an EXTRORDANARY husband, a DARLING baby girl, and WONDERFUL friends. However, with all that said I feel like I need to be authentic and own my feelings right now.

For two and a half years, Marion and I prayed and tried to get pregnant and with a little help (really God’s will) we were given the most perfect gift. God entrusted us to be Kaitlyn’s parents. Words can not even begin to express the love that I feel for her as a mother. I will ALWAYS be proud and humble that God picked me to be her mother. With that said, I can’t help but shake the overwhelming feelings I feel sometimes.

Once I had Kailtyn, there was no where else in the world that I wanted to be, except at home taking care of her (and I still love being here). Yet, there are moments when I feel like I am running ninety miles an hour making sure that she is happy, the house gets clean, finishing homework, ….. and the list goes on. And like I already mentioned, I have a wonderful husband that totally supports me with whatever needs to be done, but sometimes in the mist of all the hustle it hits me that being a stay at home mommy can be blissful, chaotic, lonely, delightful, and any combination in between.

I am a people person so at times being at home can be isolating. My husband says that I could talk to a wall and believe me I have tried :o) Please do not get me wrong, Kaitlyn and I get out but I think not having a structured schedule of social interaction can wear on you. Although with that said, I love being at home with her and value this sweet time in life that I am able to do this. Ok, so I feel a little bit better now! Thanks for listening and I promise that I will have a fun post in a day or so :o)

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